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We're back!

After a few years' hiatus, Tabletop Network is back - and with a whole new format to make this conference even better than before. Check out the details below and then be sure to:

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What is Tabletop Network?

Tabletop Network is an annual gathering of board game designers, focused on professional development, networking, and collaboration. Over the course of two days, you will gain new insights and learn new strategies to help design tomorrow's best games.

Attendees spend their days together in hands-on breakout groups, working to define best practices in their chosen topics. And each evening, networking and playtesting events give attendees the opportunity to test out their new ideas and collaborate with their peers.

How has Tabletop Network changed?

After careful consideration of attendees' feedback, we have made a significant change to the format of this conference. Rather than focusing on a handful of presenters, Tabletop Network will bring small groups together to explore an in-depth topic. Topics will be selected by attendees before the conference, and may include topics such as:

Groups will spend the day working together, guided by a facilitator, diving deep into their assigned topic to discover and define the best practices.

On the second day, each group will present its findings to other attendees. Presentations will also be recorded and shared freely and publically for non-attendees to learn from.

Learn more about our vision for Tabletop Network in the video below:

When will Tabletop Network be held?

We have teamed up with our friends at BoardGameGeek to make Tabletop Network part of their BGG.CON event and will be held the two days before, on November 7-8, 2022.

Where will Tabletop Network be held?

In conjunction with BGG.CON, Tabletop Network 2022 will be hosted in downtown Dallas, in the Hyatt Regency Dallas hotel.

How can I register?

Sign up to attend through the link below:

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Where can I learn more?

Send us your questions and feedback at